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The Importance of Quality Shoes for Kids

What kind of footwear should the athletes of the future wear? Although the children's shoe market is a multimillion-dollar industry, many experts believe that the majority of these shoes are harmful to children's feet and could lead to serious problems in the future.

The feet of a child do not fully develop until adolescence. It is quite flexible because the bones take a very long time to calcify. However, 90% of children start wearing non-foot-shaped shoes at a relatively young age.

Kids Shoe Wearing

In order to keep children's feet safe from harm and the elements when attending school or visiting outdoor playgrounds, more robust footwear is obviously required. Because a baby's feet are flexible and soft, issues and deformities can readily result from excessive pressure, pinching, or improper posture.

Your first instinct may be to buy the cheapest pair of shoes you can find for your child because they have constantly expanded little feet and you know they will outgrow them quickly. However, most of us can certainly recall an occasion when we picked out a pair of shoes for our kids only to discover that they did not fit or were uncomfortable.

Have your child's feet measured to ensure a correct fit rather than relying on guessing when determining a baby's or toddler's shoe size. Due to the prevalence of broader, heavier feet in infants and toddlers, both length and width are important. Quality shoes are still required for kids, even though their feet are growing so quickly that they quickly outgrow their shoes. This is done to avoid issues like ingrown toenails, deformed toes, limping, stiffness, tripping, or leg pain.

A shoe that promotes a healthy lifestyle must adhere to three criteria for both children and adults.

  1. Flexibility is essential; it must be able to be folded in half. 
  2. To allow room for your toes to spread out, the toe box should be wide rather than tiny, like it is in most shoes.
  3. It should be lightweight, as opposed to many children's shoes, which can add up to 10% of a child's body weight.

Avoid giving in to the shoe that can really sweep your child off his or her feet! Prioritize the demands of your child's developing feet!

Here are five key reasons for choosing footwear that supports your child's podiatric growth.

  1. Comfort

Comfort is important, as is obvious. Children are full of energy, and you may find them playing whether they're at home, school, or on the neighbourhood playground. Likewise, if their shoes aren't comfortable enough, they'll be abandoned.

It can be challenging to determine your child's level of relaxation because they tend to kick off their shoes before complaining to you. In reality, many children don't experience the discomfort of tight-fitting shoes until the damage has already been done.

In fact, uncomfortable shoes can impede a child's ability to grow and feel comfortable.

  1. Best For All Activities

Your child's health depends on them all engaging in activities like running, dancing, climbing, playing with other kids, and participating in sports. They also put stress on the baby feet and result in several scratched elbows and skinned knees. For all of this action, a lot of stress absorption is required. It's essential to purchase flexible shoes for your child's feet in order to guarantee optimal foot development. Some children's shoes may look great on the outside, but they may not provide your child's feet with the right amount of support on the inside.

  1. The quality of material is very important.

Children's shoes can be made from a wide range of materials, but not all of them are suitable for small feet. One reason is that your feet sweat a lot! If the shoe material is not breathable, your child's feet will be more vulnerable to fungal infections and other skin diseases, which will also make the shoes smell. Shoes that are always damp will also deteriorate more quickly and need to be replaced more frequently. Even robust, moisture-resistant winter boots need to be made from a breathable material to preserve foot health. Everyday shoes should be made from natural materials like leather and canvas. Plastics and synthetic materials are not flexible or breathable, which causes sweaty, scorching feet.

  1. Easy to wear and remove

Regardless of how well their shoes fit, it's essential to make sure your child routinely wears shoes that they can put on and take off for themselves. Your child's teachers cannot spend all day tying loose shoelaces because they have classes full of pupils and are quite busy. Using this skill will also help your child develop independence and confidence.

Think about the feeling of satisfaction your daughter gets for being able to put her shoes on by herself as opposed to worrying about whether or not they go with her outfit. Whether or not your youngster can tie, there are many variations available, so you're certain to find something they like. Just keep in mind to fight the urge to leave the house wearing the lace-up high-tops that you know will only bring drama and annoyance.

Even though raising children is expensive, there is no better place to save money than on their shoes. The long-term effects of wearing unsuitable, uncomfortable, or non-supportive footwear are simply too great. Our energetic kids require the best in order for them to play, race, and leap to their heart's delight and prepare for a healthy, better, and more successful future. Our kids' busy, healthy lifestyles are made possible and encouraged by quality shoes, which will help them in the long term. Additionally, they support the proper development of your child's feet, including the arches, ligaments, muscles, and bone.

  1. Choose the proper size of shoes.

When your child is ready, get the next pair of shoes professionally fitted. Well, on our website we have provided a complete size chart. Simply look through the chart to find the best fit shoe for your child.

So next time you go kid shoe shopping, Ezzys Fashion is the best online option. We have a range of stylish and wallet-friendly looks that comfortably accommodate every foot. Shop all the latest shoe looks for each season without breaking the budget.

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